March 29, 2012

Freshen it Up!

Now that spring is in full swing here in Tallahassee, it gets me motivated to make some changes around the house. Like with most people, budgets can be tight, so I'm going to suggest just a few simple things to create some bright spots in your home.

Plant some flowers! It's so simple and makes the best impact at your front door. I'm not an outdoor kind of a girl and I definitely don't like spending time working in the yard, but I do love changing out the flowers in the pot on my front porch. I do my best to mix different colors, textures and heights and this time I'm especially proud of my selections. Now, if I can only remember to water it everyday...

This is what I wish mine looked like...

The other thing I love to do is change out the pillows in my family room. I always seem to have luck at Target or TJ Maxx and find just the right thing. I'm not having that luck right now, so I may have to break down and have some made. Here are some fabrics I'm liking at the moment....

Your bed is another great place to make an easy change. Replace your heavy comforter with a white/cream coverlet or just a pretty, solid color blanket. Then, tri-fold your comforter at the foot of your bed. If you have a duvet, then remove the insert so it looks like a blanket. This helps the bed not feel or look so heavy. Also, a new set of white sheets are always a good way to liven up any tired bed! I love all the layers on this bed.

If you need some help "freshening up" your house this season, give me a call.

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