February 26, 2013

We All Need to Brighten Up

The warmer weather brings all sorts of reasons to make some changes around the house.  I usually find time to tackle my garage to curb my hoarding tendencies, but this year I'm definitely doing some things to "brighten up" a few rooms in my house.  What about you?

The easiest and least expensive change to make are with pillows, but you can read about that in any design magazine.  I'm here to give you some real ideas to give some rooms in your house that much needed jump start.

Art is an easy and sometimes inexpensive way to give your room a much needed boost. I'm loving this new art from Paragon and the colors are WOW!  

I recently changed the fabric on my upholstered headboard with a matching dust ruffle for a much needed change.  I left all my other bedding and window treatments the same.  If you have a headboard with a straight top, it's really easy to staple new fabric on it.  Buy a ready-made dust ruffle with a matching drapery panel.  Use the panel as the "fabric" on the headboard and you've got a brand new look for not much money.

Have you got a console table that's open underneath?  Or some space in front of your fireplace?  Slip a couple of these babies either under the table or in front of your firebox and not only do you have some color, but two extra seats as well.

Finally, add or change out a rug.  I'm really loving the flatweave rugs because they are widely available, well-priced and are reversible.   

After working on this post, I'm definitely ready to add some much needed color in my house.  Everything here is available through Jennifer Taylor Design.  If you need some help getting your house ready for spring, give me a call!

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February 18, 2013

Ready, Set, Ask!

Here is the first of hopefully many design questions I plan to answer from my readers.  You can submit your questions via email to jennifer@jennifertaylordesign.com.  

What is the best size rug to use under a dining table?

I really like this question because this is one of my biggest pet peeves!  Especially, when I see a beautiful room in a magazine and the rug is too small.  What is wrong with this picture?

Can you see it?  That rug is at least 3 feet too short!  Those head chairs should not be off falling off the ends like that.  Now, I do love that art wall and I think the banquette is great.

The best rule is take your table size and add 24" both the width and length and that is the size rug you should use.  This measurement assures that when a person is sitting in the chair, it won't come off the rug.  Here's a little handy guide I found online.

Here are some beautiful dining rooms with the perfect size rugs.

All Photos via Pinterest

If you need some help finding the perfect rug for your dining room, give me a call!

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February 14, 2013

Things I Love

In honor of this day of love, I wanted to share some very random things I'm currently loving...

Whoever lives here...please adopt me!

This is an artist whose work I really love.  Based out of New Orleans, Amanda Talley is super talented!

I love these colors and plan to use them in Wes' new room - sans the melon and marigold.  I also love Volkswagen vans.

I love these words so much that it's taped on my bathroom mirror.

And this is what I love the most in the entire world!

I hope everyone enjoys today with something or someone they love!

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February 12, 2013

Kids come with too much stuff!

I'm working on a project where I've been asked to design three spaces that we all use on a daily basis - especially if you have kids!  A laundry room, drop station and kid's playroom.

I have one son (he's 9 and amazing) and what he brings through the door each day is mind boggling...jacket, backpack, lunchbox, a toy he found in the cushions of the car, etc.  He walks right by the super cute hooks I installed by the garage door and heads for the kitchen with all his stuff.  Then, the papers start to come out of his backpack and fills the counter.  What's a mom to do with all that CRAP?!?

My current solution is a drawer dedicated to his school supplies, a large tray on the counter to hold all the forms, newsletters and mail I need to keep and a recycling bin in the pantry for all the paperBut now, back to my client.  Here are some great inspiration photos I found for the new spaces I'm working on.  

Creating storage under the washer and dryer is a great idea.  Looks so much better than the pedestals you can purchase from the appliance manufacturer(Photo Source)

 Utilizing the corner in this laundry room is genius and would be a great idea for my client.  We wouldn't get as much space on the left wall, but definitely an idea worth pursuing.  (Photo Source)

What a great idea of putting lockers in the garage.  This is the place most people have the room to spare.  I also really like this layout.  A top shelf for things you don't need every day, two rows of hooks and a large basket at the bottom for shoes(Photo Source)

Another corner arrangement, but this time it's at the back door.  I'm a big fan of this layout and really like the deep drawers along the bottom and the extended seat.  (Photo Source)

I really like this idea of a corner desk for the kid's playroom.  When space is tight, you should definitely take advantage of a corner.  (Photo Source)

This is a perfect solution when you need more than one desk space.  Instead of everything lined up against the wall, you come out into the room with the desks.  Suddenly you can utilize all three sides.  (Photo Source)

These desks have so many wonderful things happening.  The cork boards, the layout and the lights...love it all!  I'm even smitten with the blue door.  (Photo Source)

By using a leg, instead of a side panel, this desk space feels more open.  I really like this for my project.  Plus, the cork board on the wall is very smart!  (Photo Source)

I promise to update you on the final products as I go through the designing process.  I've already started some cabinetry elevations that I promise to share, but I need to show them to my client first.

If you need help getting organized, give me a call!

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February 9, 2013

The Art of Collections

When it comes to decorating walls, it can be an arduous process for some, but others don't seem to care what is hanging on their walls.  I like to think that what you select for your walls deserve as much time and attention as anything else you put in a room and sometimes even more.  If I could cover my walls with original art, or should I say if I could afford to, I would definitely do it.  There's just something about an original piece that appeals to me.  I'm also a big fan of decorating walls in an unconventional way with a collection of smaller items.  

This grouping, in a breakfast room, started around a clock the clients had.  I combined new items I purchased with their family photos.  This is how you can take different types of wall decor and bring it together to create an interesting focal point.

This grouping, in a family room, was everything the client had.  She recently moved and really wanted to use pieces she had collected over the years.  I combined newish art, art that was 50+ years old, a mirror and even some ceramic pieces.  She was thrilled with how it turned out and is looking forward to adding new things to it.  Sorry for the dark photo - I really need to take a photography class!

I've also had the privilege to create some family photo galleries these past few months.  Each client had very different homes (and budgets), but I was able to give them exactly what they wanted.  A place for them to enjoy photos of their loved ones!

This gallery is in an upstairs hallway and the client had a large family!  We purchased ready-made frames, in similar finishes, and went to town.  There are four generations represented here and the client couldn't have been happier with how it turned out.

This gallery, located in a home office, is a more contemporary example of a photo wall.  We used the same style of frames with black and white photos.  It turned out really well and will be easy to change out the photos as their children grow.  Also, check out the amazing feather painting behind the desk - an original!

This photo wall is located in a staircase.  We started with the large photo in the center and hung smaller photos around it.  Again, the frames are in similar finishes to create a more harmonious look.  The most challenging part of this installation was to make sure each child was represented equally. :)

This is how I start...I put the pieces on the floor and come up with the best arrangement.  I then take a photo of it so I don't forget.  This arrangement is hung in a client's hallway.  Before we did this, she only had the small black framed photos hanging.  By bringing in larger, more colorful frames she had around the house, we created a great gallery wall.
 Here are some inspirations of art collections from my Pinterest board that I'm crazy about.

Finally, I have to share this photo of a shadow box we installed a few months ago.  The client had found these treasures in his parent's house.  They are really old beer bottles, along with a certificate that was presented to his father.  The map (behind the bottles) was already torn, but we had to include it.  If you look really close, in the top left corner, there is an actually piece of barley or wheat or it could even be hops.  What do I know?  I LOVED how it turned out!

If you need help creating a collection of your own, give me a call!

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