January 31, 2013

Table for 2, 4 or 6?

Sorry for the short post, but I've been really busy this week.  Starting a few new projects, trying to get motivated to start on a few not-so-new projects and not to mention the paperwork the end of the month brings.  I swear the paper on my desk multiplies at night!

I've been doing a little furniture shopping for clients and thought I'd share with you some great breakfast room tables I've found along the way.  Did I mention they are all under (some even way under) $1000.00?

This table is from Ballard and comes in 4 great finishes.

Pier 1 did a good job on this table with the metal detail.

This round table from Pottery Barn can extend to seat even more people.

Haverty's offers this 60" classic round table for a great price.

For the more contemporary taste, this metal table from West Elm has tons of options.

This rustic table from Home Decorators is right on trend.

If you are looking to spruce up your breakfast room or any room, give me a call!

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January 27, 2013

A Warm Bath

Bathrooms can be cold, especially in the winter, but they can also be visually cold.  What I mean by that is most bathrooms lack the "warmth" you get in other rooms with furniture and fabrics.  I have found some great ways you can bring some much needed warmth.

This bathroom featured on Houzz is large enough for a rug, window treatment and an upholstered chair.  Any of these items help bring warmth to a bathroom.

The stained wood trim and ceiling, along with floor to ceiling draperies warm up this rustic bathroom from House Beautiful

As you know, I'm a big fan of wallpaper and how it can warm up a space.  The accessories and towels also help bring life to this otherwise all white bathroom featured in Nicety Deco.

A wood table and basket really brings warmth to this bathroom from Better Homes and Garden.

A great trick for shower curtains is to purchase two and install one on each side.  This works for custom and ready-made.  This bathroom was featured on I Suwannee.

The easiest way (and least expensive) way to bring warmth to your bathroom is with towels and simple accessories.  Sarah Richardson did that wonderfully in this bathroom featured on The Enchanted Home.  Glass jars filled with cotton balls is functional and beautiful!

January 19, 2013

A Modern Farmhouse

A "modern farmhouse" are the words my clients first used in describing to me how they wanted their dream house to look.  It was being built on a beautiful piece of land and was nothing short of heaven on earth.  


The plans were all done when I came on board, but like any good designer would do, I had to change something and it was the kitchen.  No offense to the original architect, but some serious layout changes had to be made and fast!  Once that was done, it was on to the fun stuff and boy did we have fun.  My clients are an amazing family with three small children.  Our presentation meetings were exciting to say the least and almost always included one of our children.  

Now, nine months later they are settled into their home and making memories on a daily basis.  I recently did a photo shoot and wanted to share it with you.  I'm super proud of how this home turned out and look forward to helping them over this next year finish every room.  They are one of those rare clients that you don't ever not want to see their name on your calendar.

Can you find the hidden Mickeys in this tile detail?

Custom log benches I had fabricated for their fire pit outside.  Love these!

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January 16, 2013

A Year in Pictures

I can't believe it's been a year since I officially started Jennifer Taylor Design and what a year it's been!  I've been blessed with the BEST clients that have not only challenged me to do my best work, but have been open to most of my ideas.  To mark this occasion I thought I would recap the year with photos of different projects, at different stages throughout 2012.  Be warned - most of these photos were taken with my phone and are not the best, but they help tell my story.  Enjoy!

Some finishing touches on a master bedroom.  Love this seating area.
This kitchen was featured in the 2012 Parade of Homes.
The extent of my "craftiness" for the boy's bathroom in the same parade house.
A bed I designed with a custom canopy and pillows to go with a colorful quilt I found at a local store.
These were the selections I put together for a family room re-do in Orlando.  We designed and furnished the entire room via email and mail.  We are now working on the finishing touches to include window treatments.

Fabrics I put together for new cushions and pillows for a breakfast nook.
This is a page from my first e-Design project for a studio apartment.  I can't wait to get the finished photos back from the client.
Built-in desk I designed for a girl's bedroom.
This was the kitchen island top for a home renovation project I helped with.
This was the rug I selected and used for inspiration for a playroom I designed.
The finished product.  Both the parents and kids couldn't be happier with how this space turned out.
This was one of my largest projects of the year.  I assisted these clients on all the selections for their new "modern country" home, as well as the furnishings once they moved in.  It has been a great project with a great family!
This was their kitchen right before they moved in.  We did a real brick splash instead of traditional tile and I was so happy with how it turned out.  
This photo wall (from another project) highlights many generations of this family.  I helped create this with another designer I work withThe client's reaction was tears.
This is a bathroom that we totally transformed with just wallpaper, fabric and new lighting.  
This was installed in a nursery I designed.  We took full advantage of the stripe around the room to highlight the wall decor we used.

I loved helping these clients finish off their green dining room by installing new draperies and rug, as well as new fabric for their existing dining chairs.

Detail shot of the draperies.  This was one of my favorite fabrics I used all year!
A Mickey and Minnie Mouse wall decal I installed in a kid's bathroom.  Well worth the effort.
The finished family room in my modern farmhouse project.
I ended the year doing a little holiday decorating for one of my favorite clients...my sister!

I can't begin to put in words how grateful I am for a wonderful first year.  I find myself wondering if I made the right decision, but I'm always reminded that I did by the feeling I get looking forward to each day.  I know year #2 will not only bring me more projects, but more people to teach me and bless me.

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January 11, 2013

A New Project

I love starting new projects!  The ideas start coming to me at all hours of the night, I find myself constantly pinning inspiration photos or looking for products on my phone while I'm in the carpool line at school.  It's even better when you have a client who is so excited to be working with you.  I was lucky enough to meet one such client on Monday.

She's in a hurry (most clients are), so we're fast tracking a lot of decisions so we can move onto the othersThe first item on my list are paint colors.  Here is a little sneak peak of the colors she currently has to face every day.

Hard to really tell, but here's a shot of three rooms - family, kitchen and dining room.  Each is a different paint color.  Gold, tan and baby blue.  The "French's Mustard" in this room is creating the most angst.
This color is a tie for being the worst in the house.  It honestly looks better in this photo than in person.  My client called it "baby poop" as we walked through the first day.

In addition to the paint colors, we had to start making decisions on a few fabrics so we could select just the right colors for the walls.  It's much easier to match a paint to a fabric than the other way around, trust me!  Here are a few rooms we put together in the last few days.

These are the selections for the upstairs playroom.  We are using an indoor/outdoor rug.
This is the fabric for the shower curtain and beautiful paint for the guest bathroom.  This is going to be a major improvement of the current baby poop on the walls.

Finally, we are using wallpaper in three rooms.  When my client said she liked using wallpaper, it was like music to my ears!  I'm super excited about what we have ordered and can't wait to see it installed.  

Here's the paper we selected for the powder bath.  Sorry for the bad photo.
This is one of the light choices I'm sending her today.
And this one.  Which do you like best?
I can't wait to see how everything starts coming together.  She has guests arriving at the end of this month, so let the games begin!  If you need help getting your home ready for a special occasion, give me a call!

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