January 11, 2013

A New Project

I love starting new projects!  The ideas start coming to me at all hours of the night, I find myself constantly pinning inspiration photos or looking for products on my phone while I'm in the carpool line at school.  It's even better when you have a client who is so excited to be working with you.  I was lucky enough to meet one such client on Monday.

She's in a hurry (most clients are), so we're fast tracking a lot of decisions so we can move onto the othersThe first item on my list are paint colors.  Here is a little sneak peak of the colors she currently has to face every day.

Hard to really tell, but here's a shot of three rooms - family, kitchen and dining room.  Each is a different paint color.  Gold, tan and baby blue.  The "French's Mustard" in this room is creating the most angst.
This color is a tie for being the worst in the house.  It honestly looks better in this photo than in person.  My client called it "baby poop" as we walked through the first day.

In addition to the paint colors, we had to start making decisions on a few fabrics so we could select just the right colors for the walls.  It's much easier to match a paint to a fabric than the other way around, trust me!  Here are a few rooms we put together in the last few days.

These are the selections for the upstairs playroom.  We are using an indoor/outdoor rug.
This is the fabric for the shower curtain and beautiful paint for the guest bathroom.  This is going to be a major improvement of the current baby poop on the walls.

Finally, we are using wallpaper in three rooms.  When my client said she liked using wallpaper, it was like music to my ears!  I'm super excited about what we have ordered and can't wait to see it installed.  

Here's the paper we selected for the powder bath.  Sorry for the bad photo.
This is one of the light choices I'm sending her today.
And this one.  Which do you like best?
I can't wait to see how everything starts coming together.  She has guests arriving at the end of this month, so let the games begin!  If you need help getting your home ready for a special occasion, give me a call!

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