March 28, 2014

Progress at Bird Dog Pointe

It's been a busy week, but the highlight was yesterday.  I visited my Bird Dog Pointe project and am thrilled to see so many of the finishes going in now.  This home will be featured in the Parade of Homes in May, so it's got a little special place in my heart.  Plus, my client is a dream!  She has two young boys and came up with the best idea for their bathroom tile. 

Here are a little sneak peaks of what I saw yesterday.  Lighting and counters go in next week, then floors and faucets.  It's going to be beautiful!

March 21, 2014

I'm Still Alive!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written on the blog.  To give you an example of how busy I've been, I honestly forgot to wash my hair in the shower this morning.  I was thinking about my day and literally,!  

Work has been really busy, but life has, too.  The month started with a great conference in Atlanta (more to come on that later), tons of activities with my son, a trip to New York City for spring break and getting my work schedule ready for our upcoming The One Week Boutique later this month.  I'm not complaining - only justifying my lack of commitment to my blog.  Is it working??

My client from Atlanta just hired me to furnish some rooms in her new house, so I'm super excited about that.  The house is really coming along and will definitely be ready in time for the Parade of Homes in May.  I love having a house in the parade and am looking forward to seeing all the selections come together over the next few weeks.  I met with her at the house last week and the cabinets were just starting to be installed.  Look at this detail we added in the kitchen island for her furry child...

I also installed the last piece of art in another client's sitting room last week.  She's a vibrant grandmother who really wanted the room to reflect her and I think we succeeded.  She had a number of family pieces that she wanted to keep and a coffee table she loved, so with some great fabric and color, she has a beautiful new space!  

The first two photos are how the room looked before and then you can see the process of how we got to the final product.  What a difference a little color and fabric can make!


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