September 24, 2013

Sugar & Spice

I'm working on a new project for two little girls (and their parents) and I'm very excited about it.  There's just something about designing spaces for children that really brings out my creative side.  On the agenda are two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a playroom.  Paint colors are already in place in the bedrooms and playroom, but the bathrooms are fair game - do I hear wallpaper books calling my name??

We're starting in the youngest girl's bedroom and bathroom as her room never got fully finished and it's pretty much a blank canvas.  The crib is staying and my client has a piece of art she wants to use as "inspiration" for the room.  The paint color looks awful in these photos (sorry!), but it's a beautiful shade of pink...

The bathroom is screaming for some pattern and color, right?  This is also the bathroom guests will be using, we can't go too "girly" but I'm definitely seeing some pink in its future...

My inspiration file has continued to grow as I prepare for my client presentation in a few weeks.  Here's a little taste of what I'm liking at the moment.  Enjoy!

Do we do an amazing shower curtain using a fabric like this?
Or a super-fun wallpaper like this? 
This light is contemporary, but with a feminine touch.  A great bath light option.
My client has an existing dresser that we can the look of this!
My client sent me this picture.  I can't wait to show her my take on this idea!
I'll be back with updates soon!

September 14, 2013

Shower Tile Ideas

I'm excited to be doing this post as I hope I could find some great ideas for my clients, while researching for this.  I design a lot of showers and one of my biggest struggles is what can we do to really give this space a unique look, without it looking dated in a few years or breaking the bank.  I also like to do something a little different for each client and that creates even more angst in coming up with something creative.

Subway tile is everywhere now, but sometimes you need more than just an all white shower.  This is a great way of adding a little "oomph" to an otherwise plain installation.

Or just by changing the direction of the white subway tile, you create a little more interest in the shower.  I also love the hexagon shape they used on this shower floor.
It can be tricky taking an accent tile out of the shower.  I like how they not only created a ledge inside the shower, but carried it onto the vanity.  Smart!
This is a common example of how border tiles are installed.  What makes me like this one is that the accent tiles are just a few shades darker than the main tiles and they are duplicated on the shower floor.  It's a contrast without being too loud.
Tile panels are a cost-effective way of bringing in an accent tile.  They can be made in all shapes and sizes and even recessed for a more custom look.  My best advice for this idea is to not highlight your faucets, but to locate it on the wall you see first as you walk into the bathroom.  Think of it as a piece of art!
See how much prettier this would have looked if all those other things weren't distracting your eye? 

Finally, in this small shower the accent tile has more presence because it's tied into the vanity area.  Another great example of simple subway tiles turned up a notch!

September 4, 2013

Chez Sois {take four}

I'm so excited how things are coming together at my Chez Sois project.  I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's inside a beautiful light fixture!  Each piece of lighting was carefully selected and reflects everything my client wanted for her new house - feminine and classic.  Here are just a few of the final choices...

Cabinets and counters have been finalized and will be installed in just a few weeks.  We're doing something unique to me for the master bathroom - ordering the cabinets online.  The vanity layout is pretty simple and it's saving over 50% from having it custom-made.  Thank goodness our contractor used to be a cabinetmaker, so I'm pretty confident he can make it work and look great!

We found this little beauty for the powder bath vanity.  It has beautiful deep blue veining that will be perfect with what we are doing on the walls.

My client has this amazing rug, which will bring in some much needed life in an otherwise simple foyer.  Now, to find the perfect entry table.

I'm also pretty excited about these beautiful door hardware we are doing throughout.  Another forgotten place to add a great detail!

Finally, here's a sneak peak of what we are doing in the master bathroom.  I can not wait!

For the first time, my client is leaving for a long vacation in the middle of a renovation.  She is trusting me to be her eyes and ears and I'm totally up for the challenge.  

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