April 29, 2013

A Cobbler's Child

You know the saying "the cobbler's child never has any shoes"?  Well that totally applies to most designers.  Being your own client is the worst.  I can make great design decisions for my clients all day long, but when it comes to my house - I can't decide on pillows for my sofa!

At the beginning of this year, I made a list of business goals, but my biggest household goal is redecorating my son's bedroom.  He's 9 and has had the same bedroom for six years.

I had the bedding custom-made using a Schumacher print I picked up before I was even married.  It's a map of the world with animals.  I didn't have much, so I only used it for an accent band and on the valance.  We were given the bunk bed and I've always hated the color, but they worked at the time and fit well in the room.
My son is quickly becoming a "collector" and all his special things are now crowded on one single wall shelf.  I have plans for that.  I also have plans to move most of the toy storage into his closet.

Don't get me wrong - it's cute, but he's ready for a larger bed, a place to do his homework and a surface to put together his Legos (that tiny table, under the window isn't cutting it).  The walls need a little color as well.  We live in a rental house, so I've been hesitant to paint, but this is a good place to start.  My grandfather recently passed away and I was given a quilt that belonged to his mother.  I think I'm going to use it, folded at the foot of a new full size bed.  I'm also going to use three vintage World War II airplane drawings I picked up from an antique store last year.  Other than those two things, I'm keeping my other options open.  Here are some of my favorite inspiration photos from my Pinterest board...

I really love the "feel" of this room.  It has a vintage look, but done in a modern way.

I'm not one to do a lot of DIY projects, but this is something I think I can handle and maybe even Wes and I can do this together!
In keeping with the board theme, how cute are these shelvesI have allowed Wes to have a TV in his room (gasp!), but I'm thinking of doing this in lieu of a bookcase to showcase all of his special things.  This would go the left of the window and replace the blue wall shelf he has now.  I may have to call in a little help with this project.

I love this cabinet (or something similar) for his TV.  Definitely want something with closed storage for video games and movies, but may have to opt for a chest of drawers for his clothes. 

How great is this airplane fabric?  I'm thinking for the draperies and for the bed pillows. 

I promise to keep you updated on my progress.  My goal is to have the bedroom done by the end of the summer - fingers crossed!  If you need help on getting a room in your house finished, please give me a call!

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April 21, 2013

Gone to the Dogs

We got a new puppy at our house.  His name is Jack, he's 5-months old and we're not sure what kind of dog he is.  He's a mix of terrier, chihuahua and greyhound.  He's also in L-O-V-E with my son.  There is nothing sweeter than watching them run around the backyard.  It wasn't an easy or quick decision, but when I saw his face, I couldn't resist!  

With the new addition to our family, I thought this might be a great time to share some great ideas for the furry member of your family.  

Personalized ID Tags

Personalized Food Bowls

Pet Friendly Fabrics

Modern Dog Bed

Traditional Dog Bed

Dog Shower in the Laundry Room

April 1, 2013

At Your Service

I'm excited to announce some great new services I've put together at Jennifer Taylor Design. In addition to my full service interior design and e-design, I'm offering two additional services...one week room makeovers and VIP days.   

"One Week to Chic"  This service is for the client who needs help to finish off a room or a quick makeover in time for a special event.  The process starts with a consultation to determine your design needs.  Once a budget is established, I will spend the next few days shopping for everything you need for the room at local retail stores.  This includes accent furniture, wall decor and accessories.  On the last day, we come in to create an amazing space, just waiting for your approval.  This service involves a fixed design fee plus a furnishings budget.

VIP Day  Are you ready to do the work, but just don't have what you need to pull your rooms together?  Then, you are ready for a VIP meeting with me!  I will spend up to three hours, of uninterrupted time with you in your home.  I encourage you to have a list of questions ready and we'll work through them.  We walk through each room, I make suggestions and we create a design plan together.  After the meeting, you will receive a written plan of action of everything we discussed so you can implement the changes when you are ready.

Please let me know if you have any questions about either of these new services, I'd love to talk with you about them.  I can be reached at 850.264.6920 or via email, Jennifer@JenniferTaylorDesign.com.

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