January 19, 2013

A Modern Farmhouse

A "modern farmhouse" are the words my clients first used in describing to me how they wanted their dream house to look.  It was being built on a beautiful piece of land and was nothing short of heaven on earth.  


The plans were all done when I came on board, but like any good designer would do, I had to change something and it was the kitchen.  No offense to the original architect, but some serious layout changes had to be made and fast!  Once that was done, it was on to the fun stuff and boy did we have fun.  My clients are an amazing family with three small children.  Our presentation meetings were exciting to say the least and almost always included one of our children.  

Now, nine months later they are settled into their home and making memories on a daily basis.  I recently did a photo shoot and wanted to share it with you.  I'm super proud of how this home turned out and look forward to helping them over this next year finish every room.  They are one of those rare clients that you don't ever not want to see their name on your calendar.

Can you find the hidden Mickeys in this tile detail?

Custom log benches I had fabricated for their fire pit outside.  Love these!

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