August 30, 2013

Shopping In the Box

Being an interior designer, you would think that I would be totally against shopping for my clients at one of those "big box" stores (Home Depot, Target, Lowe's, etc.).  Honestly, I did have reservations as I've heard every horror story in the book.  Now, I'm not saying run out and let them design a new kitchen for you, but if you are wanting to update a few simple things and you have a tight budget - and you are willing to take the chance of not ever have anyone to help you - then these stores might be a good fit.

I recently took a trip to my local Home Depot with a client.  She's building a new house and has been great at really stretching her budget.  She had found some tile for her master bathroom and wanted me to look at it.  I was blown away!  We sat there, in the aisle, and designed her entire master shower using stock tile.

Yes!  This is marble.  We are doing a herringbone pattern using the 3x6 tile along the top of the shower walls, then adding this great railing and filling in with large tiles the rest of the way.  The black dot mosaic is for the shower floor.  This will tie in great if she decides to go with the black honed granite on her vanity counters (fingers crossed).

Lighting is another way you can update a room and I've found some great options that I would totally specify for a project.  A new light over your breakfast table or pendants over your island would really breathe new life into your space!  Not to mention, some personality.  Lighting is a place to take a chance as it's easy to change if you get tired of it in a few years.

This chandelier from Lowe's is great alternative to the one from Restoration Hardware that is almost $1000.

This glass pendant, from Lowe's, looks like a custom piece and it's under $40!

This Jeffrey Court tile from Home Depot is right on trend and is less than $15 per square foot.  This would be great as a powder bath floor.

Got a leaky faucet?  Then update your old one with this bridge faucet from Home Depot.  It's a splurge, but what a piece of art this is!

I consider this a perfect chairside table and what's even more perfect is the price.  Target has done it, once again!

I've had my eye on this campaign table since they put it on the shelves at my local Target, but I have no place for it.  I'm almost talked myself into just buying it and designing around it.  Oh, did I also mention it comes in red and gray?
Maybe take this Labor Day Weekend to visit your local big box stores and see what you can do to spruce up a space in your house!

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