October 1, 2012

There's a Chill in the Air...Not!

I was hoping with October finally being here I would open the door this morning to cool air, but instead today has been a muggy disappointment!  I'm so ready for fall and since Tallahassee isn't exactly known for its seasons, I say "bring it on!".

Around our house, the biggest holiday of the fall is Halloween.  Wes starts talking about his costume in August and continually changes his mind until mid-October.  The costume du jour is a dementor from Harry Potter.  If you're not familiar, here he is.  As you can guess, I'm hoping we'll have a few more "costume changes" before we settle on the final choice.

I also love planting my fall flowers, putting out fresh pine straw and figuring out how to make my front yard not look like a haunted house.  It's a thin line, but I try.  Here are some great decorating ideas I have been pinning and honestly hope to try a few.  If I do, you'll be the first to know.  If you're interested, here's my Pinterest link to get more details on the photos below.

Wes would definitely be excited to see this in our yard!

So for now, I'll just keep my air conditioning turned way down and keep waiting for fall.  

Thanks for reading!

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