December 9, 2012

Christmas is Coming {Like It or Not}

I'm beginning to feel that holiday stress that I've been trying to avoid.  It started yesterday when I read a post on Facebook about it being "almost two weeks until Christmas".  What!? I don't even have one gift under my tree, much less Christmas cards ordered or even a clue what to get my son for Christmas morningBut honestly, gifts and cards are not what the holidays are about and I know I'll get those done.  What I need to concentrate on are the important son, my family, my health and remembering to say thank you on a daily basis.

Wes and I spent some time yesterday volunteering at The Christmas Connection sorting donations that have come in for local families in need.  We then hit Walmart with a list of needed items and was able to contribute to their store as well.  I struggle with trying to make Wes understand how many children don't even get presents for Christmas, much less toys.  I know he understands, but I want him to REALLY get it.  One thing I plan to purchase for him is a special bank that is divided into 4 categories - spend, save, donate and invest.  I'm hoping to encourage him to save and donate money he earns from his allowance or receives as gifts by matching it in 2013.  More on that in a future blog.

The one thing I'm proud of is that I do have my Christmas gift list done, I just need to get everything purchased and wrapped.  I have a large immediate family - mom, dad, step mom, two sisters, three brothers, niece, nephew and brother-in-law.  We discovered Amazon Wish Lists about five years ago and they have made our gift exchanges so much easier.  

I do need to add that I don't use Amazon for all my gifts.  I believe in shopping LOCAL when you can and supporting small business.  About half my gifts are purchased from other small businesses and I make a conscious effort to do that every year.  I encourage you to do the same.

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