June 11, 2012

I Love a Party!

I've been asked to help plan a baby shower for a friend of mine and couldn't wait to jump at the chance.  I love planning parties.  In my twenties it was bridal showers, then it became baby showers and now it's birthday parties for my son.  If I was to ever choose another career, I'm pretty sure it would be an event planner.  I just hate working the weekends!

In my prime party planning days, the internet was brand new and there definitely wasn't anything like Pinterest to give me ideas.  I would pull pictures out of magazines or just use what God gave me between my ears.  Now, it's so much easier to put together the perfect party.

Here are a few photos of previous birthday parties I had for Wes (my son)...

4th Birthday - Reptile Party (yes, I made that cake)
5th Birthday - Dinosaur Dig Party
Volcano Cake - My 2nd and Final Cake

6th Birthday - Movie Night Party
Candy and Popcorn While Watching Star Wars
My favorite parts of party planning are the invitations and decor.  Here are some great ideas I've seen lately that I love and maybe will incorporate in my next party planning adventure.  Stay tuned for those details in another post.

A Vintage Circus Theme
Welcome to a Beautiful Party
I'm in love with bunting...on cakes and hanging at a party!
Wonderful Floral Arrangement with Ribbon and Tickets
What a great favor idea!
Fabric Garland - I'd want to hang this everywhere!
Milk Moustache
Doughnuts and Candy
All photos without a direct link were found on Etsy.  My favorite place for all things original!

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