July 2, 2012

Gift Giving...number two

So, my idea of doing a gift idea post once a week is definitely a pipe dream.  I've decided to not put any pressure on myself and the posts will come when the ideas do.  This particular gift idea has to do with babies and who doesn't love buying for a baby?

I have a friend who is adopting a baby girl from China and she gets to bring her home at the end of the summer.  You can read all about their journey here, on her blog.  With that, I got to shop for a baby shower gift which I have not done in a while.  I had the best time at the baby store seeing all the new things that have come out and the amazing crib bedding!

It's been a while, but the best baby gift I received was also one of the most practical ones.  It's called The Ultimate Crib Sheet by Summer Products.  It's like a waterproof protection pad and sheet, all in one.  You lay it on top of your pretty sheet and when the baby makes a mess, you just lift it off and wash it.  No need to remove the bumper pad to wash the crib sheet.   I loved it and try to give it to everyone I know who is having a new baby.  

Now, on to the not so practical gifts...

What a great messenger style diaper bag from Etsy.  I love diaper bags that could pass for a purse. 
How cute is this football hat from Etsy?  Perfect for those cooler days.
And we can't forget the baby girls.  I love this hat with matching booties from Etsy.
The Boppy Pillow is both a cute and practical gift.  I don't know I would have survived breast feeding without mine.  The designer in me also loves all the different fabric covers they offer.  My 2nd best gift idea!
There is a line of blankets from Little Giraffe that can't be beat.  My son, who is now 8, still keeps his "lovey" in his sock drawer.  It's a great mix of satin and chenille and babies love them.  Definitely a must have on any new mom's list.
I love this Patch of Grass drying rack for bottles.

I felt like this book saved Wes' life more than once.  Or at least stopped me from taking him to the hospital every time he coughed.  A wonderful resource!

What better gift than a donation to your favorite charity?  Helping hungry kids couldn't be a better choice!
I would love to hear what you consider the best baby gift you have ever given or received???

Thanks for reading!

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