July 4, 2012

Room Makeover Giveaway!

I need a guinea pig (or two) to help me start my e-Design services at Jennifer Taylor Design.  It's super easy and only requires you to email me at least 5 photos of the room you want to have redesigned.  If I select your space - based on my own criteria - you will be asked to take detailed measurements of the room and fill out a simple design questionnaire.  It's that simple!

Once I receive your information, in 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive a box that includes a detailed furniture plan, fabric/paint samples, pictures of all my selections (to include furniture, rug, wall decor, window treatments and accessories) along with a shopping list from either online sources or local retail stores.  

I'm doing this to give me a chance to work with a real client and figure out the best ways to design a room with only my computer.  Again, you're my guinea pig, so expect a few "bumps" along the way.  The value of this makeover is between $400-$900, depending on the size of your room. 

Once you receive your box, I will ask for your HONEST feedback with the process.  This will definitely be the most important part for me.  

Thanks for participating and I look forward to getting your pictures.  Don't worry about what your room looks like.  If you were a designer...you wouldn't need my help!  

The deadline is JULY 15th extended to JULY 27th!!

Email address is Jennifer@JenniferTaylorDesign.com


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