August 6, 2012

Girl's Weekend

I had planned publishing a post I've been working on about mirrors (yawn!), but I just returned from a long weekend with some of the best girls I know and felt inspired to do something different.  

We stayed at a friend of a friend's condo and spent a lot of time there in the evenings.  We ate lots of food (even cooked one night) and talked, talked and talked some more.  It was a great time, but the furniture and how it was arranged was horrible.  I'm so glad I found photos of our actual unit online.  If we sat in the chairs, we literally had to turn our entire bodies to have a conversation.  It took everything I had not to leave my business card on the counter!  

This is exactly as the room was except the television is now about 3x bigger and is mounted on the wall with one of those beautiful, black, adjustable arms.

Another view of this very awkward furniture arrangement.  I wonder why those two little chairs are over by themselves and why that night stand is there with the lamp on it???

So, let's guess what this post is going to be arrangements!  

Believe me, I know how hard it can be to arrange furniture in a room that isn't square.  My family room is super hard and I've had my furniture arranged the same way for the past 2 years, even though I desperately would like to move it around every once in a while.  I also know how important TV watching is to most families.  Mine included.  There are ways to get a pleasing furniture plan and have most of the seats get a great view of the TV.  Here are some inspiring ideas on how you can arrange your furniture to not only allow for great conversation, but movie watching, too.

I love using this kind of furniture arrangement, whether the TV was mounted above the fireplace or on either side of it.  Obviously, there's no TV in this photo, but this is a very easy arrangement for most people to do in their homes. 

This is a good example of how the sofas create a great space for conversation and most everyone sitting in here has a great view of the TV.  Photo from Houzz.

Elizabeth Reich did an amazing job in this family room.  Only the wing back chair doesn't have a view of the TV, but everyone who sits in here is facing each other for conversation.

571 Design placed the furniture in this small space so everyone could have a good view of the TV.  Sectionals are a great way to maximize seating in a smaller area.

Another great room by Meredith Heron Design.  I really like that you hardly notice the TV.

Now that I've offered some inspiration, go move that furniture around!  Oh, and here's a pic of my girls from the weekend.  Sorry for the poor quality, but it was late and we used our phone.  Aren't they beautiful??

I also want to take time to announce that I'm answering some of your best design questions on my blog.  So, send me your questions or photos or both to and I may choose your question to be featured on one of my future blog posts.

Happy Reading!

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